CAEfatigue Ltd Plans to Launch Software Suite

It was announced today by our Founder & CEO, Dr. Neil Bishop, that CAEfatigue Limited* are launching a number of new software products in the later half of 2018.   The announcement covers a significant update to CAEfatigue VIBRATION (CFV) and CAEfatigue GUI (CFG) as well as new products including CAEfatigue CONDITIONING (CFC) – recently launched and CAEfatigue RANDOM (CFR) – recently launched. Two new additional products due for launch in late 2018 are CAEfatigue SURROGATE (CFS) for simplifying complex test loading into simple PSD loading and CAEfatigue TIME (CFT) that will provide our clients with a complete time domain fatigue solver.

“The addition of CFT will provide our customers with a complete suite of frequency domain and time domain products to evaluate the fatigue results for a dynamic system”, said Dr. Neil Bishop.   The launch of the new product suite and the recent launch of our point release Vr3.1.1, solidifies our commitment to continual improvement of our product.



*CAEfatigue Limited ( is a privately owned company with it’s world headquarters located in London, England.   CAEfatigue Limited is dedicate to developing random response and fatigue evaluation software for dynamic mechanical systems that is easy to use for the average Engineer or Designer.   The CAEfatigue Limited suite of products are in use across multiple industries throughout the world and have become the industry standard for use in the frequency domain.

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