CAEfatigue Ltd at WCX World Congress – Detroit, April 2018

Dr. Stuart Kerr, Chief Operating Officer for CAEfatigue Limited, announced today that CAEfatigue will be at the WCX World Congress in Detroit in early April.   “CAEfatigue Limited and our US distribution partner CAE Software Solutions LLC, are very proud to author/coauthor several papers for the World Congress this year and we are also very happy to have worked with strong partners in the advancement of this technology.  I invite all interested to come along and enjoy these presentations.”

The first paper entitled “Loads Cascading in the Frequency Domain” will be presented Tuesday morning (April 10th) at 9 am during Technical Session M209 in room 140F.   The paper will be presented by Dr. Neil Bishop (CEO of CAEfatigue Ltd) and will cover the topic of transferring road load data to different parts of a full body model using our latest software module CAEfatigue RANDOM (CFR).

The second paper entitled “Frequency Domain Loads Enveloping” will be presented Tuesday afternoon (April 10th) at 3 pm during Technical Session M203 in room 140E.   The paper will be presented by Edinilson Alves Costa of Ford Motor Company Brasil and will cover the topic surrogate loads.  This work was done in collaboration with CAEfatigue Limited and will form the basis of a new software module called CAEfatigue SURROGATE (CFS) due out later this year.

Directly after the second paper presentation, Dr. Bishop will also lead a technical discussion at 3:30pm entitled Vibration Fatigue Research and Development.

The third paper entitled “Frequency Domain Fatigue Analysis of Exhaust Systems” will be presented Thursday afternoon (April 12th) at 2 pm during Technical Session M200 in room 140D.  The paper will be presented by Phillippe Leisten of Eberspacer Exhaust Technology GmbH and will cover work done in collaboration with CAEfatigue Limited.

“It was wonderful to work so closely with Ford Brasil and Eberspacer on these technical papers and we are delighted to be in Detroit to share the good work that was done”, said Dr. Neil Bishop.   “CAEfatigue Limited remains committed to the continual improvement of our product and the advancement of this field of study.”

*CAEfatigue Limited ( is a privately owned company with it’s world headquarters located in London, England.   CAEfatigue Limited is dedicate to developing random response and fatigue evaluation software for dynamic mechanical systems that is easy to use for the average Engineer or Designer.   The CAEfatigue Limited suite of products are in use across multiple industries throughout the world and have become the industry standard for use in the frequency domain.

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