See you at NAFEMS World Congress NWC19 – Quebec City, Canada

CAEfatigue Limited will be involved in presenting 4 papers at the NAFEMS World Congress in June 2019.

Our tentative presentation schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, June 18th – MORNING – J1 Dynamics & Vibration 1

Frequency Domain Spot Weld & Seam Weld Analysis.  Bishop, N. (CAEfatigue-USA), Murthy, P. (CAEfatigue-EU), Roemelt, P. (Ford-Germany), Meehan, T. (Ford-USA).


Tuesday, June 18th – AFTERNOON – J2 Dynamics & Vibration 2

Loads Conditioning for Frequency Domain Analysis.  Kerr, S. (CAEfatigue-USA), Datta, S. (FCA-USA).

Loads Enveloping. Bishop, N.(CAEfatigue-USA), Kerr, S. (CAEfatigue-USA), Costa, E. (Ford-Brasil), Meehan, T. (Ford-USA).


Wednesday, June 19th – AFTERNOON – H7 Fracture & Fatigue 3

Two-Wheeler Fatigue and Random Response.  Sethi, M. (Hero MotoCorp-India), Sharma, A. (Hero MotoCorp-India), Bishop, N. (CAEfatigue-USA), Harsha, K. (CAEfatigue-India).




*CAEfatigue Limited ( is a privately owned company with it’s world headquarters located in London, England.   CAEfatigue Limited is dedicate to developing random response and fatigue evaluation software for dynamic mechanical systems that is easy to use for the average Engineer or Designer.   The CAEfatigue Limited suite of products are in use across multiple industries throughout the world and have become the industry standard for use in the frequency domain. Share with:

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