Successful CFV v2019 Seminar Held in India

On Friday, November 16th, 2018, CAEfatigue Limited (India) had the pleasure to welcome nearly 50 industrial leaders to a 1 day technical seminar in Bangalore to introduce the latest release of CAEfatigue VIBRATION v2019; our flagship random response and fatigue analysis software for work in the frequency domain.

The seminar was attended by members of top companies within India that are currently working in or wish to work in the Frequency Domain.  The presentation and discussions were led by Dr. Neil Bishop (Founder and CEO of CAEfatigue Ltd) and supported by the technical team of Dr. Paresh Murthy and Mr. Harsha Kolar.

“We had a wonderful day full of challenging discussions and insightful interaction.  I want to thank Kolar and Paresh for their great work organizing the event and to the seminar Attendees for providing input to such an engaging day of technology discussions and sharing”.  Dr. Neil Bishop.


The seminar introduced CAEfatigue VIBRATION (CFV) v2019. This release includes improved functionality to “condition” road load data prior to PSD conversion as well as improved BASE SHAKE functionality and a complete solution for multi-input, full vehicle assessment in the Frequency Domain.  V2019 also includes the ability to request displacements, velocities, accelerations, forces and cascade these results to various component locations in the model. This release can also use relative displacements to detect the probability of component collisions (Example: exhaust hitting vehicle floor pan, headlight hitting headlight enclosure, etc.) and the probability of gaps opening up between sealed components.

CAEfatigue VIBRATION v2019 also includes an industry first!  The ability to do seam weld and spot weld analysis in the Frequency Domain. This advance in technology supports the complete, full vehicle fatigue solution in a frequency domain analysis.

Thank you Seminar Attendees, for a wonderful day!

*CAEfatigue Limited ( is a privately owned company with it’s world headquarters located in London, England.   CAEfatigue Limited is dedicate to developing random response and fatigue evaluation software for dynamic mechanical systems that is easy to use for the average Engineer or Designer.   The CAEfatigue Limited suite of products are in use across multiple industries throughout the world and have become the industry standard for use in the frequency domain.

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