Embedded Training on Theory and the CAEfatigue Software

CAEfatigue software comes with hours of training materials both for time domain and frequency domain fatigue analysis as well as the use of the CAEfatigue software through examples from our Test Problem Library (TPL).  These resources are available free of charge directly within the CAEfatigue software.  Look under HELP> START and select from many presentations and videos.

3-Day (2 hours / day) Training Course – Fatigue and Dynamic Analysis of CAE Based Systems

This course is aimed at anyone who wants to understand more about fatigue analysis methods and learn more about the operation of the software. The course is also relevant to design situations where dynamic (vibration) response may be important and so there may be a link between fatigue issues and the dynamic behaviour. The course is presented ONLINE and provide some basic theory along with live demos from the test problem library within CAEfatigue. No prior knowledge of random analysis and fatigue is needed to attend this course.